All you have to do, is you.

Dispare is hating what you are.

All us old schoolers out here, those wanting to put the djinni back in the bottle, hate what we are and what we’ve done.

Again, dispare.

What we’ve done is let our families and our neighbors and our friends flounder and stumble. Stumble because it’s none of our business.

Our country and our people ARE our business. We dispare because we’ve allowed a class of people to flow in to our communities, the state, and take our responsibilities from us, our burdens from our backs … for a small fee, of course.

What we gave up, because we wanted someone else to make the hard choices, was our birthright. A birthright born of bloody sacrifice.

Privilege? No. Rights? Yes. With rights come responsibilities. We’ve been trying to exercise rights without shouldering the concurrent responsibility. 

If I want to live, I work, save, eat, and care for myself. If my life is threatened, I defend myself. I have a right to life and a responsibility to nurture that life AND the lives of others.

If I want to be free, I shy from binding debt and law and coercion. If my freedom is threatened, I organize, think, fight, and win to keep myself free. I have a right to freedom and a responsibility to protect that freedom AND the freedom of others.

The pursuit of happiness, well, it’s my responsibility to FUND what ever I consider to be my happiness. Definitely not your responsibility. It’s my responsibility to stay out of your way, within decency, just as its yours to stay out of mine.

Do you, and dispare not, for rights, and their cultivating responsibilities, will begin to straighten themselves out.



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