I think Winter/Spring 2016 is time to re-consider.

Strange year, 2015 was, scary, a little.

Not so scary that our country, in general, wants uncle sugar to cuddle our faces with his bootses.

Not so scary that we want more gubmint interference and coercion.

Scary enough to wake some very sleepy folks up, rattle their cages, and make them scratch at the door.


I’ve been waiting for the sleepy, busy, normal Joes and Jessicas to “notice” things are as we’ve been saying they’ll become.

You switched on dudes,and dudettes, take very good care of these recently awakened folks.

Remember, they’re starting right where you did, whenever that was, and you know 


they’re going to hit the learning curve….just like we did.

They’ll over react, misjudge, and make mistakes.

Don’t let them do it alone.

Balance your input against their need to learn the hard way.

Some lessons, not all, are learned best through pain.

Your best message is your example. You’re best advise is “you’re not alone.” 

Be careful, be cautious, and have a plan to care for all the newbies you’ll be seeing leading up to the 2016 election.

Oh, and keep on improving your spiritual, emotional, and physical fitness. I think you’re going to need all you can get.


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